CUSTOM GANG SHEETS Full Color Direct To Film (DTF) Prints

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FULL COLOR DESIGNS and LOGOS for shirts, blankets, pocket tees, youth and kids' sizes and more - you gang them and we'll print them! 

NO TRADEMARKED IMAGES OR LOGOS CAN BE PRINTED! A 6.5% charge will be deducted when refunding trademarked orders or those not meeting the posted MOQ to cover processing charges, so please be sure your image is okay to print! 

This custom listing is any print ready image and multiple images are allowed on each sheet (must be submitted print ready on the same canvas). These can be images of your logo or customs designs. 

You must send your ganged sheets (transparent PNG [with no background) and 300 DPI] within 24 hours of purchase via with your order number in the subject line. BE SURE EACH SHEET IS NAMED TO MATCH THE TEXT YOU ADD!

Make sure your canvas size is 22x48" and leave room between each image for cutting. We are NOT responsible for images that do not meet print standards listed above and we do not edit your files.

When ordering KBD images, you may request sizes and counts, but the final layout is decided as they are ganged. Some sheets may fit more than others and there is no guarantee for your request other than at least 8 adult or youth or other sizes as noted. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Orders received more than 24 hours later may have an additional 5-7 business day delay.

KB Designs is not responsible for images submitted which do not meet print standards. You MUST EMAIL PRIOR TO purchasing if you have any question whatsoever about your image and it's print-ready formatting. If you send an image with a background, it WILL print as well, thus the requirement for a transparent PNG image to be submitted.

Please note that designs are printed in DTF format which may slightly alter the final colors.


    Application Instructions:

    • Prepress garment for 15-20 seconds
    • Press at 300-325 Degrees F for 15-20 seconds
    • 60 PSI ~ heavy pressure
    • Warm (or cool) peel evenly from corner and discard transfer film
    • Cover with Teflon sheet and repress 15-20 seconds

    *Each heat press can vary with time and temp. Be familiar with your press and how it runs. You may need to slightly adjust them up or down as well as press time. These are manufacturer recommendations only.*

    *** KB Designs is not liable when the transfer is applied improperly or once pressed***